Roxy Rox


Hometown: Pueblo’tus, Colorado
Location: North America, Earth
Music: KMKingspade, Sublime, TOOL, Dark Lotus, Doors, Beatles, & All Punk, Hip Hop, Rap, Ol’ Skool Rock, Metal, Jungle, Drums & Bass, Progressive Techno
Movies: Natural Born Killers, All Tim Burton, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,  heart me sum Hitchcock & Sinatra flickz
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy
Occupation: Do whut I like & turn you on *wink*

Photo Sets

Roxy Rox & Sissy Stitches – Strapped On

Green on Green

Roxy Rox - Fuck Yeah She Rox!

Anal Action

Holiday Havoc


Roxy’s Toy Box – Squirting Video

Holiday Havoc Video

Loveseat Love

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