Shayne Smash


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Name: Shayne Smash

Location: The shore

Fav food: buy me a double bacon cheeseburger and I will love you forever.

Fav music: WOLFPAC <3, tech n9ne, hopsin, rob zombie, twin atlantic, weezy, the devil wears prada, twiztid, norma jean, pfunk…the list goes on and on

Fav movies: Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Star Wars, Night of the Living Dead, Finding Nemo

Fav position: reverse cowgirl! yeeehaawww

likes: body mods, face paint, penguins, things that are pink, horror movies, screaming ‘whoop whoop’ at the top of my lungs everywhere I go, and mary jane

dislikes: people with no personalities, cold weather, and waking up before 11

if you could have one superpower what would it be and why: immortality because I am morbidly curious about earth 1000 years from now.

Photo Sets

Plaid Skirt

The White Wall


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