Angelica Jordan


Hometown: Pennsylvania
Favorite Bands: Soulfly, Korn, Pink, Jimmy Hendrix, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, ICP, Inflames, Killswitch Engage The Spinners. I’m Not Kidding When I Say I Like All Different Types!
Interests: Horse back riding, staring at the clouds, swimming, tattoos, piercing, sleeping, smoking, animals, serial killers, the beauty winter brings, photography, music, chocolate covered cherries, cream corn, coffee (starbucks toffee nut), eating everything I want and cooking…well learning. dancing, tattooed boys, animals
Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions

Photo Sets


Angelica Jordan 01 Woldpac Shirt

Angelica & Genocide

Angelica Jordan and Genocide


Angelica Jordan and the Masked Marauder

Angelica Jordan & The Masked Marauder

Pizza for One

Angelica Jordan - Pizza For One

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  1. Ms Jordan is a nice girl. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her

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